The Peacekeepers Movement builds upon the Community Safety Education Act to enhance the TEA, TCOLE and TRLA basic requirements in order to provide a training session with dialogue, interaction, research, and best practices.

Our history

The Community Safety Education Act of Texas was signed into law in 2017 and became effective September 1, 2018. A joint community partnership was formed to bring together youth, adults, police officers, university and government officials to keep all residents safe during a traffic stop.

Our motive

To promote peace and safety between residents and peace officers.

Our goal

To educate over  50,000 residents in this curriculum.

Peacekeepers Movement

This is not a lesson that you could just put together on YouTube and expect lives to be saved. We wanted to bring you an interactive experience that involved having both a peace officer and a civilian (or resident) to help guide each training and promote community safety on both sides of a traffic stop interaction. Our curriculum will vary in length depending on if the training is for peace officers, residents or future trainers. You can generally expect the percentage of class time allocated below:

Community Safety Education


Role Playing


Educational Videos


Questions and Answers











Our movement would not exist if not for the support of those who believed that we could change as a community to collectively increase the peace.

Senator Royce West

"This is not the silver bullet that will impact the entire relationship between law enforcement and citizens, but it's a step in the right direction"

Senator John Whitmire

"Too often police encounters are ending in a tragedy, and that's what we want tostop. If you feel an officer does you wrong, you don't take it up with them outon the street, you take it up with an administrator. That's one of the things Ithink we'll teach."

Dr. Everette B. Penn

Director of TAPS Academy

Dan Patrick

Lieutenant Governor of Texas

“SB 30 directs the State Board of Education and the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement to work with local school districts to educate and inform both students and law enforcement officers on proper interaction. SB 30 is designedto help young Texans and members of law enforcement interact and build trust incommunities across the state. I congratulate senators West and Whitmire on thepassage of SB 30 and thank them for their leadership on this important issue.”

Noel A. Pinnock

Bureau Chief of Youth and Adolescent Health & My Brother’s Keeper Houston Lead

Barbara A. Schwartz

Badge and Gun

“I am alive and thriving today because two officers took an interest in me when I was 14 years old. Paying back what Larry Hancock and Leo Paul Miller did for me is the reason I support officers and have volunteered to write for the Badge & Gun for the past 20 years. Officers are, and will always be, my heroes. Please know that as an officer, you have the power to make a difference in a young person’s life.”