1. Pull over to the right, turn off car.
  2. Turn on hazard lights (& interior lights if dark).
  3. Remain seated, keep your hands visible to the officer.
  4. Follow the officer's instructions
  5. Do not reach for anything unless directed to do so. Avoid any sudden movements.
  6. Provide driver identification upon request (& concealed handgun license if applicable).
  7. If a citation is issued you will be requested to sign it (this is not an admission of guilt) and you can be arrested for refusing to sign.


  1. Greet & Identification of the police agency.
  2. Statement of violation committed.
  3. Identification of driver/financial responsibility and check conditions of citizens and vehicle.
  4. Statement of Action to be taken.
  5. Take Action.
  6. Explain what the citizen must do.
  7. Leave scene professionally.